Osseo looks at idea of new monument sign

Considers possible site for a dog park

The Osseo City Council considered the first steps for a new monument sign during its meeting Tuesday, May 28.

The council also considered a possible site within the city for a dog park, as well as the final planned unit development for the Five Central Project.

Here are some of the meeting’s highlights.




The council heard from City Planner Riley Grams regarding the possibility of a new monument sign, including a scrolling electronic reader board and memorial flagpole to highlight the city at the intersection of County Road 81 and Central Avenue. The current flagpole and non-functioning reader board are located at the northeast corner of the intersection on city-owned property. A future trail/bike path will be located in this spot.

A new monument sign, reader board and flagpole would be moved to a new location at the southeast corner of the intersection. This property is owned by Hennepin County.

The flagpole would be constructed with $8,775 in funds from the Will Lienemann Fund. The Osseo Business Association (OBA) proposed to work to fund raise the amount of money necessary for the construction of the monument sign and reader board.

Barb Wiley, with the OBA, said the county is willing to work with the plan. She added the reader board portion of the sign would benefit the non-profits within the city.

Councilor Mark Schulz said he felt the project was great but he had a concern. “It seems to me the OBA is asking us for staff time to deal with the county on this.”

Wiley said she felt to city staff would be able to get to a higher up person than she would be able.

City Administrator Doug Reeder said staff could spend a limited amount of time on this. “I think for this project we are better off getting our foot in the door before [the county] designs everything and we can’t do it. I think timing is probably good now to get in there and do a little work.”

Schulz also wondered who would be controlling the information on the reader board, city or OBA. Wiley said that part hadn’t been discussed.

Councilors Bonnie Heinen and Allan Hartkopf said they were willing to help staff with the county.

The council unanimously approved the concept plan and authorized staff to work with Hennepin County to develop a final site plan for the Osseo monument sign, reader board and memorial flagpole.



The council heard a request about the possibility of using the hockey rink as a dog park in the spring, summer and fall. Grams said the rink area is fenced/boarded in and is located just north of the former Osseo Elementary School site.

City staff had no issues with the request, but said users of the park would have to clean up after their dogs.

Councilor Hartkopf asked if anyone approached the Osseo Area School District about the possible dog park usage, as the rink is located on school property. Grams said no.

Mayor Duane Poppe said regarding the possible dog park, “I would feel more comfortable [having] a discussion with the school district first.”

The council unanimously decided to table any action until June 24 after city staff can talk with the school district.



Planner Grams presented the council with the final planned unit development (PUD) for the Five Central project. There were some changes to project plan since the original preliminary PUD approval last December.

The first change will be the location of the electrical transformer box. It will be relocated from the northwest corner to the southeast corner because of a requirement of the building electrical code.

The second change will shift the entire building footprint about 8 inches to the west to allow for building code setbacks for window openings.

The final change would be to the landscaping plan. Some of the plant material was changed out to fit the aesthetics of the site and the building itself.

Grams said there were 22 different conditions to the PUD’s approved last December. Two of the conditions were changed as a result of the changes to the project’s plan — electrical transformer location and after construction the staging area at 17 Fifth Street N.W. and 501 Central Avenue will be sodded and maintained.

The council unanimously approved the final PUD by the Beard Group at the Five Central redevelopment site, subject to 22 conditions of approval.



In other action, the council:

APPROVED the concept of the Osseo Fire Department Centennial request for a celebration in June 2015. The Osseo Fire Department will celebrate its 100th birthday in 2015.

APPROVED the swearing in of Police Reserve Officers. Jason Christopher, Krista Coffin, Jonathan Grimm and Jason Meath were sworn in.

ADOPTED 4 to 1, the modification to the development program for Municipal Development District No. 2 and the establishment of tax increment financing (TIF) district No. 2-9 and adopting a TIF plan.

DECLARED a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria, six 16-inch tires and rims, police light bar and seized motor vehicle (1998 Cadillac) as surplus property to be sold at public auction.