Collision causes badly damaged vehicles, minor injuries

A May 28 collision at the intersection of Douglas Drive and 109th Avenue, in Champlin, badly damaged two vehicles but did not appear to cause any serious injuries. The accident may have been a result of one driver running a red light.

Champlin Police Officers Brian Wentworth and Terry Cassem arrived on the scene where a 17-year-old female driver and her brother, also a minor, were in a 2002 Lexus in which the airbags had deployed. According to the accident report, the Lexus was facing eastbound on 109th Avenue and was 3/4 of the way across the intersection. The male appeared to have a cut on his forehead that was bleeding. Allina paramedics assisted the female passenger via backboard to the paramedic unit. The brother also was attended to in the unit.

The second driver, Michael Lewis, 31, of Champlin, stated he was westbound on 109th Avenue going to make a southbound turn onto Douglas Drive/Zane. He said he was in the intersection when the light turned red so he went to continue his turn when he was struck by the other vehicle.

The report states paramedics overheard the brother say the 17-year-old female driver had gone through the red light; however, when his father was present he told Officer Cassem the light was yellow, turning red.

Officer Cassem states in his report both vehicles appeared totalled or nearly totalled. Anoka Champlin Fire Department was called to clean up after the accident.


— Compiled by Mindy Mateuszczyk