LETTER: Get involved in democracy, no reelection

To the Editor:


On Tuesday I returned from a four month study abroad program in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I lived for four months. The first thing that struck me was how inept our government is: first, I almost missed my connection flight in Dallas (to Minneapolis) and was informed that due to the sequester my chances of finding another convenient flight that same day. Second, after catching up on the news for less than ten minutes I realized that our government still was not solving problems together; they were still stuck in petty partisanship arguments that did not in any way help better the country.

After realizing these two things I thought back to my time in Argentina; that despite all these faults still blatantly apparent in our government I am still blessed, and proud, to be an America because even though our government is not functioning properly we, as citizens, still have the opportunities to better our country if we hold true to our democracy. Clearly our government is not working, therefore we must follow the democratic process and not reelect these leaders that aren’t getting anything done.

One may say, I like Klobuchar or I like Franken, however they are part of the problem. Regardless of personal opinion (even positive opinion) they must go.

So, I am writing today to urge people to get involved in their democracy and not reelect the people in power now, as they are just part of the people. Living in Argentina opened my eyes to this: the Argentina political system is wack; it is incredibly messed up and needs overhauling. Our American system, while not working now, has the chance to be reworked and redefined to start helping people again and bettering our country. Let’s not let this broken system continue; do not re-elect the people now who are part of the problem.


Samuel T.O. Neisen

MGSH graduate