Osseo to appraise site for potential park purchase

The Osseo City Council decided to move forward with an appraisal of potential park property near Boerboom Veterans Memorial Park.

The council also looked at purchasing pavers for part of Central Avenue and adopted the city’s 2013 Strategic Plan.

Here are some of the Monday, May 13, meeting’s highlights.



The council considered and approved an appraisal of land for park property located near Boerboom Veterans Memorial Park.

The 2030 Comprehensive Plan suggests the entire Block 10, from Central Avenue to First Avenue N.E. between Fourth and Fifth Streets, eventually be purchased for a park and community facilities such as a senior center or library. It was suggested to purchase the entire block as the properties come up for sale

City Administrator Doug Reeder said one the property owners at 17 Fourth Street N.E., next to the park, wishes to sell their property to the city now.

Reeder added, “If you are interested in proceeding, what I suggest you would want to do is authorize us to get an appraisal on the property, which I’m estimating to cost less than $500. Then see if we could negotiate a price for the house … if we could get an agreement with the property owner.”

Funds for the appraisal would be available from the park dedication fund.

The council unanimously approved authorizing staff to obtain an appraisal of 17 Fourth Street N.E., Block 10, for the purpose of considering the purchase of the property for park purposes.



Also during the meeting, the council looked at purchasing pavers to use along part of Central Avenue. When Central Avenue was reconstructed, areas where retail was fronting on the street were finished with pavers between the sidewalk and the street. Areas where residential building fronted Central had grass place in front.

The Realife Cooperative building has both residential and retail, but the frontage area between the parking and the building had grass installed as part of the reconstruction project. This area is cleared of snow every winter with a plow and brush, which results in the grass being destroyed every year.

Realife asked the city to place pavers in the area and remove the grass. Administrator Reeder said it would cost between $9,000 and $10,000 to purchase the pavers and replace the 600 square feet of grass. This item has not been budgeted for. The funds for the proposed project could from the 2013 General Fund contingency or the cost to be added to the $4.5 million 2009 Central Avenue Reconstruction Bonds which are paid annually.

Councilor Mark Schulz asked if there was money left in the Central Avenue Reconstruction Bond fund. Reeder said the fund has a debt. Schulz asked, “If we did do that, we would bill that into that fund and everybody has left to pay on it will absorb the $10,000?” Reeder said that was correct.

The Realife Association president said the group felt it already paid for the Central Avenue reconstruction project. The president added the group did not want grass at all in the area during discussions for the project.

The council voted 4 to 1 to direct staff to get quotes from vendors to have the grass at Realife replaced with pavers that match the current pavers along Central Avenue with the cost being paid out of the 2013 General Fund contingency; councilor Schulz voted against.



The council also adopted the city’s 2013 Strategic Plan.

The City Council, Economic Development Authority (EDA) and city staff met in April to discuss the missions, visions, values and goals of the City Council and EDA for 2013.

The city’s mission is “The City of Osseo will provide high-quality public services in a cost-effective, responsible, innovative and professional manner given changing needs and available resources.”

The vision is the two groups “see the city of Osseo as a viable and prosperous community that is responsive to the changing needs and interests of our residents and businesses. This is achieved through fiscal responsibility, economic development, responsible leadership and community involvement.”

Administrator Reeder said the plan includes goals and action plans for 2013. The primary goals include: ensuring the city’s continued financial stability, foster and promote economic development in the city, improve the city’s aging and deteriorating infrastructure, maintain as low a tax rate as possible and enhance the city’s facilities (primarily the police department).

There are 34 action plan items, which include high priority, medium priority and low priority. Some of the high priority items include: Block 6 redevelopment, build or purchase a new police building, evaluate public works manpower needs, gun range proposal and update Capital Improvement Program.

Reeder added the mission statement will also be put up in various places of city buildings.

Councilor Weber said, “This is a lot of help for the employees here at the city as much as it is for their guidance for what we have decided. This is important for the city and the direction for the people that work here.”



In other action, the council:

APPROVED the first reading of the city ordinance relating to criminal history background checks. City Attorney Loren Magsam informed the council, cities must comply with minimum requirements for conducting criminal background checks for employment and/or licensing.

AWARDED the contract for the 2013 Seal Coat Program to Allied Blacktop in Maple Grove in the initial contract amount of $121,542. Two bids were received and Allied was the low bidder and lower than the engineer’s estimate.

APPROVED a server upgrade and computer upgrade for 2013, payable from budgeted amounts.

APPROVED Duffy’s Bar and Grill summer party set for Saturday, June 15, from noon to close. Live music would be in a containment area in the parking lot next to the building from 8 p.m. to midnight.