Dayton to hire attorney in city administrator matter

The Dayton City Council is planning to retain an outside attorney to represent them in responding to communications from City Administrator Samantha Orduno’s attorney. This decision came as a recommendation from the City Attorney George Hoff who made three suggestions to the council while still offering to be available if they wanted him to represent them in the matter.

Mayor Tim McNeil mentioned the matter was in regards to buying out Orduno’s contract. Hoff advised the McNeil and the council not to share any further details about the matter.

Hoff told the council they could choose to respond to the communications from Orduno’s attorney or do nothing. He advised they respond under the guidance of legal counsel. The council agreed to seek counsel from Pam VanderWiel, of Everett & VanderWiel, in Rosemount. She was one of the three attorneys suggested by Hoff.


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