Dayton makes progress on Sundance Woods project

Dayton City Council reviewed the Sundance Woods feasibility report and authorized scheduling a public hearing for June 11. They initially requested staff to conduct the feasibility report at their April 23 council meeting. Discussions in work sessions and council meetings revolved around extending trunk sanitary sewer and trunk water main in Territorial Road and Rush Creek Road. They deliberated on what direction to go in regards to the type of pipe and infrastructure to install so that other residents outside of Sundance Woods but along the impacted area could access water and sewer services.

After discussing different options and voicing concerns over the assessment costs those residents would potentially incur, the council decided to move forward at this point exploring the project with a gravity sewer. This type of sewer would allow the other residents along the path from Territorial Road into Sundance Woods to access the sewer.

More information and details will be presented at the public hearing to be held Tuesday, June 11 during the council’s regularly scheduled meeting.


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