Hanover homeowners don’t favor sewer/water option

A group of neighbors in northeast Hanover indicated they do not favor options to extend sewer and water to their homes.

Mayor Chris Kauffman and the city council were updated about the April 29 open house conducted by the city engineer with residents from about 82 homes in the Pheasant Run area.

The engineer presented options to do just a road repair project with storm sewer, curb and ditches, or to combine the project with sewer and water extensions. Hanover presently has sewer and water availability from St. Michael, and all new subdivisions require the utilities. But it’s the established residential areas where the city must decide whether to include utility extensions.

The engineer said the most cost-effective time to extend utilities is when road repair is needed. The option was $8,500 per lot for street only, or $14,500 for adding sewer and water; residents liked neither.

“A consensus of people who spoke out is they don’t feel like their roads are bad, they don’t think a new road is needed,” administrative assistant Brian Hagen later said. “A lot don’t feel like sewer is needed, that septics are working. Also, a fair amount of concern was costs, how to pay for it.”

Utility connections would require up front costs.

“What they wanted to see was some different options, maybe cheaper, bring costs down,” Hagen said.

No decisions were made. The council’s next step is to continue discussion at a work session.

“We’re going to compile a questionnaire, look at results and come up with options,” Hagen said.

In other action, the council:

APPROVED allocating $500 per council member to purchase an electronic tablet of laptop where all council information, such as agenda packets, will be electric instead of printed. This will save the city $100 per month in paper costs.