Salvation Army joins Independence, Maple Plain cleanup

The cities of Independence and Maple Plain have added a collections truck from the Salvation Army to their annual Spring Clean-up Day, set for 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 4, at Independence City Center, 1920 County Road 90.

The two cities brought in the Salvation Army truck after learning that Hennepin County will not be in Independence this year to collect hazardous household waste. Hennepin County will host these collections at other Hennepin County Hazardous Waste sites. Find the nearest location on the website at

Both Maple Plain and Independence residents will have the chance to drop off gently used items with the Salvation Army on May 4 and then unload unwanted items at the local spring clean up. Residents will need to show proof that they live in Independence or Maple Plain.

The two cities will not charge for collecting some items at the spring cleanup. For other items, patrons will need to pay small fees mostly ranging from fifty cents for a fluorescent bulb to $45 for a large screen TV.

No fees will be charged for scrap metals/iron and aluminum. All lawn mower, grill and bikes tires must be removed. All plastic must be removed from lawn mowers, aluminum and steel removed from grills. Tanks and barrels will be accepted only if they are cut in half.

Auto, vehicle and household batteries also will be accepted for no charge.

Small fees will be charged for appliances, including dehumidifiers, heat pumps, water heaters, microwaves, washers, dryers, refrigerators and air conditioners. Anyone bringing in a gas air conditioner or refrigerator will have to pay $200 to leave it, or they must take it back home. Call Hennepin County at 612-348-6509 for disposal options.

Also accepted for small fees will be mattresses and box springs, upholstered arm chairs and couches, carpets, tires with or without rims and electronics, including camcorders, computers, radios, stereos, tape players, televisions, telephones and VCRs.

Fluorescent tubes/bulbs will be accepted at a cost of 50 cents per bulb. Bring bulbs and tubes in original packaging or surrounded with corrugated cardboard. Do not tape bulbs or tubes together. Fixtures must be disassembled. Ballasts will be accepted at a cost of $2 each, if they are disconnected from the housing unit.

Construction materials and miscellaneous junk may be dropped off at a cost of $20 per cubic yard. Bring in concrete, lumber, doors, moldings, and boards, sheetrock, tile, landscape timbers, fences, etc.

Do not bring recyclables that are collected curbside, yard waste (leaves, grass, and brush), boats or canoes. No commercial hazardous waste will be accepted.

The Salvation Army truck will accept clothing and household goods, including bedding/blankets, curtains/drapes, towels, rugs and lamps. Also bring kitchen items, such as appliances in working order, pots/pans, bake ware, dishes, utensils and drink ware. Electronics in working order will be accepted — including flat panel TVs, flat panel monitors, CD and DVDs, DVD/VHS/Blu-ray players and radio/ CD/MP3 players.

The Salvation Army also will accept collectables, knicknacks, antiques, sporting equipment, lawn equipment in working order and cars.

For further Clean-up Day information, call Independence city office at 763-479-0527 or Maple Plain city office at 763-479-0515. Volunteers are needed to help unload vehicles and trailers. To volunteer, even for an hour or two, call 763-479-0527.