Dayton Council to consider expanded water/sewer options with Sundance Woods

Dayton City Council agreed to move forward with examining the possibility of two different water and sewer options with the Sundance Woods project. Project developer Tom Dehn shared with the council that they are willing to partner with the city for an agreeable solution. The project is a residential development north of County Road 81 located off Territorial Road and Rush Creek Road. Individuals that could be impacted by the water and sewer installation within the project were notified of an informational meeting held prior to the council meeting on April 23.

One option would be a gravity 30 foot trunk sewer with a $1.4 million pricetag. The second option is to install  a lift station and force main sewer would cost $670,000. Those figures are according to City Engineer Mark Hanson. Dehn said they would contribute $311,000 based on other costs. However, he also said Sundance Woods was willing to cover the cost of the forced main, or the equivalent of that, at no cost to the city even though a funding gap appears to exist between his $311,000 suggested commitment and the $670,000 presented by Hanson.

To install the 30 foot trunk sewer would likely require assessing neighboring properties and possibly bonding for the city.

Council member Rick Shermer was concerned about the need to tie up funds in that manner considering the area the pipe would run through is mixed use and might not end up being the right type of pipe. He also brought up the point that the forced main would service 500 houses.

“The most we’ve had built in one year is 20,” he said. “We’re looking out ten years.”

Council member Eric Lucero suggested they run some figures on facting in an 8-inch pipe for mixed use.

“We can still decide not to go forward,” he said. He also said the figures between Hansen and Sundance Woods’ figures need to be rectified.

The council will continue to review different options considering resident feedback and financial impact to determine what they consider is in the best interest moving forward.


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