Rep. Peppin introduces bill to complete the Brockton Lane interchange project

State Representative Joyce Peppin, R-Rogers, recently introduced legislation that would expedite and complete the Brockton Lane Interchange Project. Peppin’s bill, House File 1340, would provide a full access point and additional traffic lanes along the 6.5-mile stretch on Interstate Highway 94 between Maple Grove and Rogers.

“This is among the longest stretches of freeway without an exit in the entire metro area and it is time to get this critical project underway,” Peppin said.

Peppin’s legislation would appropriate nearly $23 million from the sale of trunk highway bonds to construct a full access point and auxiliary lanes on Interstate Highway 94 just east of the existing Highway 101 overpass.

“Our district has been very fortunate in recent years to experience high levels of job creation and economic expansion, and completing the Brockton Lane Interchange Project is of vital importance to accommodate and promote future growth in Dayton, Rogers and Maple Grove,” Peppin explained.

Peppin continued: “This legislation will not only serve to improve congestion and access on I-94 and reduce travel times for commuters in the northwest suburbs, it will also reduce response times for public safety and emergency vehicles and make our communities safer.”

Peppin hopes to build upon the hard work undertaken in previous years by former Dayton Mayor Doug Anderson and city council members and staff in both Dayton and Rogers who have spent many hundreds of hours readying plans and communicating the importance of this project to both state and federal policymakers.

“Our State Constitution mentions Transportation as one of the essential areas we are to prioritize in the Legislature. Essential infrastructure projects like the Brockton Lane Interchange will benefit the economy and the lives of Minnesotans, and I look forward to helping it move forward,” Peppin concluded.


Representative Peppin encourages constituents to contact her with questions or opinions on any state legislative issue.  She may be reached at [email protected] or 651.296.7806.  Mail should be sent to Rep. Joyce Peppin, 281 State Office Building, 100 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155.