No known threats here, but residents asked to report suspicious activity

Maple Grove residents participate in Boston Marathon

By Peggy Bakken & Alicia Miller

Sun Press News

According to state, local and national security sources, there are no known threats in Minnesota or Hennepin County at this time, as all eyes are on the bombings in Boston.

Authorities are busy investigating Monday’s explosions at the Boston Marathon that have killed two people and have injured approximately 100 others.

As a reminder, the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office urges citizens to be engaged in public safety in our community by reporting suspicious activity. If you “see something, say something.” Citizens should call 911 or contact local law enforcement.

The Sheriff’s Office offers several ways to provide information about suspicious activities or crime tips.

You may use one of the following methods:

•        Call the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office:  1-888-988-TIPS (8477)

•        Text HCSOtip to 847 411. Be sure to begin your message with keyword HCSOTip, then continue entering your tip.

•        Download the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office app for iPhones or Android phones. Find apps at the Apple App Store or Google Play.



Several residents of Maple Grove were on the registered list of entries to participate in the Boston Marathon. One of those residents, Mike McMahan, was quoted in two different news sources out of Boston.

According to the Morning Sentinel: “McMahan “was gathering his gear after the race, his 20th marathon but first time at Boston, when he heard the first explosion.”

“It was before the arch of the finish,” he said to the Morning Sentinel. “The first was a plume of smoke, like gray-white. Then problem 10 seconds later came the second one. I saw flames coming from the second one.”

The Sentinel reported, his wife, Krista, was still on the course. They made contact, and she told him she had been diverted at Mile 25 1/2.

Other Maple Grove residents participating where: Martin Cassidy, Jay Hempe, Micheal Lawler, David Lindgren, Paul Marzynski, Robert Peterson, Christopher Phelan, Andrew Plackner, Kristy Stone, Susan Waananen and Christopher Ward. Their conditions are not known at this time.