Ice breaks up on Crow River without incident

CrowRIceIsOutIce was almost gone from the Crow River at Delano Saturday, April 6. For the first time in several years both Delano and Rockford are having a spring free of worries about end of winter/spring flooding. The chance of major flooding between now and June 24 is about 10 percent, according to the National Weather Service. On Monday, April 8, the Crow River at Delano was about as high as it is expected to go this spring — 11.54 feet. At Rockford, the mighty Crow was at 5.03 feet. In contrast, the Crow River rose to 20 feet in 2011 at Delano. This year the Weather Service is talking about possible easing of the drought in this area instead of flooding. (Sun staff photo by Susan Van Cleaf)