Rogers approves environmental review for Clam Outdoors site

by Dawn Feddersen-Poindexter

Contributing Writer


The Rogers City Council approved a planned Environmental Assessment Worksheet, or EAW, for the 92-acre Kinghorn Industrial Park along Rogers Drive in the eastern portion of the city.

The assessment is required by the state of Minnesota to assess environmental and other potential impacts from development on the site. It will look at the potential impact on traffic, noise, air quality, stormwater quality and quantity, wastewater, water use, and the land’s overall ecology.

The report is not required unless a site is expected to have more than 300,000 square feet of development. Currently, a portion of the land has been sold to Clam Outdoors, which plans to add a 150,000 square-foot facility, with a potential additional 50,000 feet. But Grady Kinghorn, the owner of the 92-acre property that his family had farmed for more than a century, thought it wise to get the study done now so that it doesn’t slow down future development when it occurs.

“If we get the process rolling now, we can get it done in the next three to four months. This will allow him, if he has another user on another out lot, to get that project going without a delay,” said Bret Weiss, Rogers City Engineer, who’s company, WSB and Associates, will be performing the study.

In other matters, the Council approved an expansion of Brockton Meadows Park that will increase the size of the park and its trail. The council also agreed to name Erickson Park, in honor of the Eileen Erickson Family Estate, which donated an acre of land for the park. The park is located along Fletcher Lane and serves families in the South Pointe, Fletcher Hills, and King Estates neighborhoods.