‘Phase One’ park plan earns Greenfield Council approval

The Greenfield City Council meeting of March 19 included discussion and action items regarding Greenfield Park, and a review of a proposed plan for Lake Sarah Sewer improvements.



The council was asked, by the Greenfield Park Advisory, to pass a “phase one” site approval for the parkland on County Rd. 50 and Town Hall Dr., as well as the preliminary plat for this property, the Old Town Hall Addition.

The city’s administrator, Kathryne McCullum, told the council that grant applications for playground equipment funding would go out throughout the summer of 2013. She explained that the advisory had a plan to build a base for a larger playground by starting a small one that could be easily expanded.

First on the recreation menu, though, is already positioned for a possible June build. It’s a wood and metal picnic shelter complete with seating. Temporary seasonal restrooms will be on site.

Funding for park improvements will come from Park Improvement Fund, which will receive $100,000 for the sale of parkland to the city. The city is purchasing this land for a future city hall site. Although the parkland is city owned, the 21-acre parcel was purchased with Park Dedications, and can only be used as a park. In order to stay in compliance, the city has to purchase the land by paying a fair market price to the Park Dedication Fund, essentially transferring funds from one city account to another.

Councilor Chuck Alcon asked that a park ordinance be written and brought before council.

As far as the overall park plan, Alcon had several thoughts including the consideration of exercise stations, charcoal grill stands and some field realignments.

That being said, Alcon added, “I’m very supportive of the phase one project, and I think we should move it forward.”

Councilor Mark Holten suggested that park improvements could pose opportunities for Eagle Scout projects.

The site plan for phase one was approved unanimously

Plat approval for the Old Town Hall plat was also approved

Mayor Brad Johnson congratulated, and thanked, the Park Advisory.



A verbal report regarding improvements to the Lake Sarah Sewer System was presented by Kelly Daleiden, of Veolia, to the council in conjunction with a written one submitted by Councilor Alcon.

The work was deemed timely in both Daleiden and Alcon’s conclusions, and would require inspections, pumping and possibly additional work to bring all 53 existing users into compliance with the proposed project. The overall scope of the project will cover repairs and replacement equipment, and will increase efficiency and better support weather events without emergency pumping.

At this phase, it is believed the work can be done using the enterprise funds dedicated to this system. Work outside of the normal, expected household, scope may involve some additional cost to the property owner. An informational meeting for affected residents will be scheduled.

Lake Sarah/Greenfield resident Carol Beasacker was applauded by the council and Daleiden for information she was able to forward regarding the system.

In other news, Greenfield residents should mark Friday, April 26 on their calendars. The citywide Arbor Day Celebration returns to Greenfield Park with details to follow.

The next regular meeting of the Greenfield City Council is Tuesday, April 16, at 7 p.m. at 6390 Town Hall Dr.