Rogers approves plans for Clam Outdoors center

by Dawn Feddersen-Poindexter

Contributing Writer


The Rogers City Council approved plans for a new 150,000-square-foot distribution center that will be constructed on Rogers Drive.

Clam Outdoors purchased a 12-acre piece of property on Rogers Drive, just east of Cabela’s, from local developer Grady Kinghorn. His company, Kinghorn Construction, will be building the facility.

The parcel, just north of I-94, is already eye-catching for anyone who drives by it because it is currently being leased to a nearby farmer who raises elk on it. It is a piece of the old Kinghorn farm, originally more than 100 acres that had been in the family since the 1800s.

John Studer, of Kinghorn Construction, is the Project Manager at the site. “It’s a great thing to see more activity in the market. It’s a great thing when we can integrate the whole process at our firm. Going from the land transaction to the build, it’s something we look forward to being able to do more in the future.”

Clam Outdoors sells ice fishing gear and other outdoor equipment. It moved into its current 100,000 square-foot space in Medina in 2005. The new site will give the company 50,000 more square feet, with the ability to add another 50,000 once it’s needed.

In other matters, the Council approved accounting measures to finalize 2012 finances. It also authorized the purchase of a new loader to assist Public Works in loading salt trucks, among other things. The vehicle is more than ten years newer than the 1982 model the City currently owns, which is in need of several major repairs. The $36,000 cost of the loader will come from equipment certificates, utility funds, and Public Works’ existing budget.