Osseo considers $109,000 alley repair project

The Osseo City Council received the feasibility study for the alley improvements.

The council also decided to sell surplus property.

This and other action took place during the Monday, March 25, meeting.



City Engineer Marcus Thomas presented the council with the feasibility report for the alley improvement program for 2013. The alley between Third Avenue N.E. and Fourth Avenue N.E., from Fourth Street N.E. to 93rd Avenue will be reconstructed.

Kevin Bittner, who prepared the report, went over some of the report details. He said the existing width of the alley right-of-way is 16 feet and the length is about 1,100 feet. The driving surface is about 14 feet wide and consists of bituminous pavement.

“The underlaying base, some areas we have a couple of inches of gravel underneath, but some areas we don’t have anything,” he added.

The proposed improvements would be remove the existing pavement and excavate for a new pavement section. A 6-inch aggregate base would be brought in and 3 and a half inches of bituminous pavement would be added.

Thomas said the estimated project costs at this time for the improvements would be $109,100.

The city’s current assessment policy is that the city pays 20 percent of the costs for the project, while the 33 benefited property owners pay 80 percent. The city would pay an estimated cost of $21,820, which would come from the city’s general fund. The property owners would pay an estimated assessment of $2,645.

“The city’s practice would be to allow the assessments to be financed over 10 years and be put on the property tax roles,” Thomas said. “The residents would have the option of paying for the assessments up front or paying them off early any time they wish.”

A public hearing would be conducted in April. Plans would be approved in June and bids would be advertised. Bids would be received in July.

Construction is anticipated to begin in September and be completed by the end of October.

Councilor Rick Weber asked why bituminous was suggested for the project and not concrete. Thomas said the prices are still a little higher for concrete compared to bituminous.

“When you factor in seal coating and maintenance [for bituminous] you’ve got to be getting pretty close,” Weber said of the costs.

City Administrator Douglas Reeder added a concrete design would have a different alley design that would be more inverted. He said a more inverted design would make snow plowing more difficult.

Councilor Mark Schulz said he would like to see a comparison of the costs for a bituminous design and a concrete design. Including the long-term maintenance costs for each. “I think it makes sense for us to look at the short versus the long-term costs of concrete or bituminous,” he added. “And maybe the other aspect of that as well, as far as how many people at this public hearing might be interested in something.”

Councilor Allan Hartkopf added he wanted residents to know of any additional costs for all aspects of the project.

Thomas said they could bring the estimated costs for concrete as well as the bituminous.

The council unanimously approved receiving the feasibility report. Mayor Duane Poppe was absent.

The council also called a hearing for the 2013 alley improvements for Monday, April 22, at 7 p.m.



The council also approved the selling of surplus property at the Hiller Auction in Zimmerman.

When two houses on Block 6 were purchased, equipment was removed and stored at the Public Works facility, according to City Administrator Reeder.

There will be two items sold at the auction — a natural gas boiler and 200 feet of 48-inch chain link fencing. Staff said any proceeds from the sale of the items would be credited to the Economic Development Authority’s general fund.



In other action, the council:

APPOINTED Larry Stelmach to the Economic Development Authority. He will be filling a vacancy left by the resignation of Terry McNeil.

ANNOUNCED the Open Book meeting will be Tuesday, April 16, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at Osseo City Hall.