LETTER: Urges school board to spend within means, not with new levies

To the Editor:

With money being tight, one has to make decisions on what one can afford. However, after reading the excellent Letter to the Editor in the March 7th edition, renewing my subscription to the “Osseo-Maple Grove Press” was a given.

I commend Mr. McCullough for being a “voice of reason” regarding the topic of spending in our school district. Maybe making tough decisions on spending cuts is just too difficult for our representatives, and so the easy answer always seems to be: we need more money. Our school board tells us that they might throw a couple more levies at us. Why? Apparently they think that the majority who voted down the levies in the last election were mistaken, uninformed, or stupid.

Guess what, school board: we knew exactly what we were voting for and against on those levies. It’s your task to have the district spend within its means, not continually increase spending and taxation. Does it not sound condescending to say that voters deserve another chance to decide? (As if we got it wrong the first time!) Does it not sound arrogant to say that the voters should be given “another chance to help our kids?” Read between the lines: “You voters blew it the first time and obviously you don’t care about the kids. We know what’s best and we’re going to keep throwing it right back at you until you get it right!”

I urge Board Chairman Mr. Henke to hold his ground. He seems to be the only one who knows that the best thing one can do for our children is to teach them how to live within their means. To continue to demand more and more money when results have shown it is not the solution, is as Mr. McCullough opined, insanity. Are we that far from an agrarian society to forget that too much fertilizer can stifle a crop, whereas pruning and weeding produces growth? I urge the school board to accept the outcome of the last election and accept the task that the majority of voters has given them.

Jim Holthus

Maple Grove