Barfknecht wins Franklin Township seat

Residents put together write-in campaign

Earlier this year Mike Barfknecht decided not to seek re-election to his seat on the Franklin Town Board, but township residents had other plans for him.

They re-elected him to a three-year term on the Franklin Town Board with write-in votes. Barfknecht received 60 votes compared with 50 votes cast for Darin Orr, whose name was on the ballot. The Franklin Township election took place Tuesday, March 12.

Barfknecht said he did not organize a write-in campaign. People kept calling him and asking whether he would accept the Town Board seat if he would be elected. Enough people called and asked him the question, so he said, “Yes.”

“People just put it together and voted me in,” Barfknecht said. “It’s humbling to know people want you back, I must have contributed something.”

This will be his third term on the Franklin Town Board. A life-long resident of Franklin Township, Barfknecht has operated his own landscaping business for over 20 years.