LETTER: Seeking accountability from Sen. Hoffman


When students have the opportunity to learn about their government, it is an important moment.  It gave me pleasure to read Sen. John Hoffman taking time from his day to answer questions from Coon Rapids Middle school students.

Another important lesson for students is learning that their elected officials are accountable to taxpayer concerns; which leads me to this curiosity – if Sen. Hoffman was able to answer government, political science, civics and “Sponge Bob” Square Pants questions, when will he respond to the numerous taxpayers seeking answers to difficult questions?

This past January I submitted to readers questions given to Sen. Hoffman, which he has not answered in 6 months.  My questions are sincere and concerning for my family, business and faith.

These students featured in the photo are held accountable every day.  They must arrive to school on time, attend class, finish their class work, complete their home work and respect their teachers, friends and parents.  They understand their role and responsibilities as students.

If my questions were frivolous, partisan or mundane, I could understand Sen. Hoffman not responding; but they are serious, difficult and important questions, which Mr. Hoffman’s political answers could influence the incomes, education, careers, tax burden and faith belief outcomes of Champlin families.

As our elected voice in St. Paul, when will Sen. Hoffman be as accountable as these students?

Brian Tommerdahl