Champlin City Council meets March 25

The Champlin City Council will meet Monday, March 25 for two work sessions and for the regular council meeting at city hall, 11955 Champlin Drive, Champlin.

Prior to the council meeting, at 6 p.m., the council will conduct a work session to review West River Road and Hayden Lake Road feasibility study.

When the council meeting convenes at 7 p.m. the council will:

• Review the work session discussion

• Hear a presentation on the purpose and benefit of the vacant building registration program

• Consider a resolution directing the preparation of plans and specifications and order the 2013 street reclaim and pave improvement project

• Consider a resolution to approve a site plan to construct a 90-foot telecommunications tower in the southwest corner of 6000 109th Ave. at Jackson Middle School

Following the council meeting, council members will conduct an additional work session to continue discussing street lighting funding alternatives for the 2013 reclaim and pave improvement project.

The council meeting and work sessions are open to the public.