Osseo to revise concept for police building

At the Osseo City Council’s Monday, March 11 meeting, the council looked at revising the concept plan for a future police building.

The council also considered the vacation of public alleys and a culinary liquor license.

This and other action took place during the meeting.




The council heard from City Administrator Douglas Reeder. He said back in March 2011 the city hired Buetow 2 Architects to prepare a concept plan for a proposed police building. The estimated cost of the building was $1.5 million.

Since then, staff has found that some space reductions are possible and reduce the costs of the project to be $1 million.

Reeder said the cost of a concept revision, $500, would be paid for out of the police department’s budget.

Councilor Bonnie Heinen stated she felt the project would be too expensive. “I’m not against a police building,” she said. “To give grandiose plans, its very nice and it would be beautiful, but I don’t think the city could afford it right now … I think that we should be very cautious with how we look at somebody coming in a doing a revision of this and seeing what we can do.”

Councilor Rick Weber agreed being cautious, but added the process was started in 2011. “We have moved slowly,” he said. “We have taken our time. We haven’t rushed any judgements.”

Councilor Mark Schulz added that a citizen survey said residents wanted to keep the Police Department, even if it means taxes would be raised.

He added, “This $1.5 million police station was put out there to be grant eligible. So, it’s going to be easy to pare some things down.”

Schulz said it was a “no brainer” to spend $500 to save $500,000 on a project.

The council unanimously authorized the mayor and city administrator to enter into an agreement with Buetow 2 Architects to revise the concept plan for the proposed police building at a cost not to exceed $500.




City Planner Riley Grams said the future Five Central development, located on Block 6, includes two alleys owned by the city. These two vacant alleys must be vacated for the project.

He added the city would preserve and maintain a five-foot wide utility easement, which spans 250 feet. This utility easement will accommodate electric utilities, which will all be underground.

The council opened up a public hearing regarding the alley vacation.

Osseo Commons resident Matt Fiefarek wanted to know if there would problems with parking in the area with the future Five Central project. Grams said the alleys were not paved anymore. “[These are] two small alleys on the plat map that we have to officially vacate to the developer in order for him to build,” Grams added.

Another Osseo Commons resident, said she was concerned about what kind of a view she would have outside of her west-facing window. “How far from our building is the new building going to start being erected?” she asked.

Riley said there would be around 20 feet between Osseo Commons before the back of the Five Central project’s garages would begin. Administrator Reeder added there would be the garages, a parking lot and then the Five Central building, which would be at least 50 feet away from Osseo Commons.

The council then unanimously approved vacating the public alleys and retaining utility easement on Block 6.





The council also heard of a request from Ethnic Foods Company, 204 Central Avneue, for a culinary class limited on-sale liquor license.

The city recently updated its code to allow for this type of license, which allows up to a maximum of six ounces of wine or 12 ounces of intoxicating malt liquor for consumption on the licensed premises only. The fee for the culinary license is $300 for an annual license that expires July 1.

Ethnic Foods Company already paid the fees for the investigation and the pro-rated $100 fee for the culinary license.

The council unanimously approved the issuance of a culinary class limited on-sale license to Ethnic Foods Company.



In other action, the council:

APPROVED making Derick Haug as the new Captain 11 with the Osseo Fire Department.

TABLED action on the city’s Snow Emergency Policy and tabled action on the ordinance amendment for snow removal and prohibited parking. The council wanted more information from staff to clarify the items. These items will be brought back at the April 8 council meeting.

APPROVED the issuance and sale of a commercial development revenue note for Goodwill Industries. This project will be located in Maple Grove, but Osseo will be compensated a small fee for doing this.

APPROVED the sanitary sewer inspection in the northeast quadrant of town by Midwest Trenchless Technologies, Inc. for a cost not to exceed $5,286.60.

REMINDED the public of a neighborhood meeting for the Osseo Northeast Alley Project Reconstruction Tuesday, March 19, at 6 p.m. in the community center of Osseo City Hall.

AUTHORIZED the mayor and city administrator to execute a contract with Gary Groen for financial management services for the city not to exceed $20,000 annually.