Dave Wilson resigns from Buffalo School Board




Board to fill seat April 8


Dist. 877 School Board member Dave Wilson has resigned from the board effective Feb. 28, citing a desire to spend more time with family,

The board also renewed Supt. Scott Thielman’s contract for three more years, heard a report about class size, and approved new secondary courses.



As Dave Wilson’s time on the school board came to an end, he noted that he enjoyed his seven years serving on the board, but that he is scaling back his responsibilities to spend more time with his family. Wilson said he is leaving while the board in a good position and while they have very strong leadership. Supt. Thielman and the other board members thanked Wilson for his service to the school district and its communities and that he will be greatly missed.

Thielman explained that there are a variety of processes to use to fill the vacant seat. He stated that the open seat will be advertised beginning March 6 in the local and area newspapers asking for candidates to apply. The deadline for applications will be by 4 p.m. March 29. The board will review the applications and conduct interviews. The appointment will be made at a special meeting at the board workshop April 8.




In other news, the board evaluated Supt. Thielman February 13.

Board Director Sue Lee reported that he is a leader with high moral character, and is ethical, approachable, and has his finger on the pulse of the legislature. Lee reported that Thielman’s contract would be renewed for another three years. She shared that he will receive an increase of salary just less than that of what directors received. His cell phone allowance will be deleted and his 403b contributions will be increased to equal that of the directors. There were no changes to his insurance coverage.


Class Size Report

In further matters, class sizes have remained steady throughout the 2012-13 school year.

Elementary classes average 24 students, 30 students at the middle school and about 30 students at the high school. There are 11 elementary classrooms with 30 or more students. There are class sizes as high as 35 in middle school science, math and social studies. Class sizes at the high school include 39 students in world languages, 38 in science and social studies and 37 in math. Enrollment has remained stable at the elementary and middle school levels since Oct.1, 2012. The high school has decreased by over 30 students, which is very typical.


New Secondary Courses

In other news, four new classes will be available for students at Buffalo Community Middle School and Buffalo High School next school year.

Set for Success will be offered to 6th grade students to help them be successful in all of their classes. It will teach them organization skills and effective communication with other students, teachers and at home. Pre-Taught Math will give students, who are not meeting the math standards, an extra hour each day to practice and review math standards needed for their grade level. Single Gender Physical Education allows boys and girls to excel at their own rate.

Staff said research shows girls are more active in classes without males. Curriculum would remain the same for both genders and team teaching would sometimes allow for co-ed settings. Quest English 9 extends the high potential services program into the high school and will help students transition from the middle school.