LETTER: Concerned about City of Dayton’s inconsistencies


In trying to access council meeting minutes, I recently went online only to find they are not there. The last council meeting minutes posted are from Nov. 27, 2012; nothing at all from 2013. Now, a few questions. How long should we wait for them to post on the website?

Do we have a “Roberts Rules of Order” book for our “inexperienced” — Mayor Tim McNeil’s term used in an editorial — council members to access during the meeting? In that book, it refers to conflict of interest when voting. It appears there was a motion to send our mayor to Washington D.C. for a mayors meeting. The vote was tied, 2 ayes/2 nays and Mayor McNeil voted ‘aye’ to break the tie. Is this a conflict of interest? He is in fact, the person being sent to Washington D.C. Now what?

As for taxpayers’ rights, certain information at city hall is public, which means we should have the ability to request copy of items.

Why isn’t the water tower being used?

Why during the last three elections, when I went to vote, the tabulation machine was down?

Why does our current mayor and council feel if it’s budgeted, we can spend it?

Why are we purchasing iPads for the council members when all scheduled meetings can be sent to the proper person’s email or remotely accessed?

Where is our Chief of Police?

What is the city’s current debt? Our city is ranked one of the highest for property taxes. Why is it so important to keep up with the larger cities around us?

We are a small city with roughly 4,700 tax paying “customers,” according to the city website. We can and should grove based on a viable plan which does not put the city deeper in debt.

Mary Jo Jadwin