Champlin Police host annual Citizens Academy

The Champlin Police Department will be hosting its annual Police Citizens Academy beginning March 14 and running through April 25, 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. This is a free seven week course designed to strengthen communication between the police and public. This course allows people to experience firsthand what it is like to be a police officer. Residents who participate in this course will have an CitizensAcademyopportunity to listen to police officers and guest speakers from various organizations that help support the Champlin Police Department.

“I enjoy informing the public about law enforcement, most people form opinions about the police based solely on what they see on television shows or what they hear in the news. Cases are not solved in sixty minutes as portrayed on CSI. A criminal investigation is a process that is accomplished through hard work in both information gathering and at times science,” said Officer Jeff Brown, who has organized the Citizens Academy for the past 15 years. “One of our more popular guest speakers is Mike Opitz from the Hennepin County Medical Examiners Office. He interprets what the real CSI is like and allows for a more realistic understanding of criminal forensics.”

Throughout the seven week course, participants will have an opportunity to learn about current crime trends in the City of Champlin and will be given a tour of the Champlin Police Department by Chief Dave Kolb. Participants will be involved in activities, such as, a tour of the Hennepin County Dispatch Center in Golden Valley, DWI Enforcement, Drug Task Force, Firearms Training Simulator (F.A.T.S) Lab, Traffic Enforcement and radar use, K-9 Demonstration, Tactical Use of Force and the Minnesota Statutes that govern them. Police Weaponry, Taser X26 demonstration and a tour of the Champlin Fire Department.

“The F.A.T.S Lab is by far the most popular activity students will directly participate in. Students will experience the same training police officers are required to go through,” said Brown. “We put students through ‘shoot, no shoot’ scenarios. Sgt. Bob Penney and I will work with each individual person in high stress situations, such as, domestics and high risk traffic stops. The student will need to determine the appropriate level of force to use. Students will have had a lesson on Use of Force by Deputy Chief Ty Schmidt, which will aide in their decision making process.”

We will also have an informative segment from Allina Paramedics. The paramedics will educate students about their daily activities and the services they provide. Students will have an opportunity to tour an ambulance and the technical equipment onboard. Additionally, CPR lessons and AED (automatic electronic defibulator) use will be taught. Officer Brown said, “It is commonplace to see an AED on the wall and are becoming as prevalent as a fire extinguisher. I believe people have an interest in learning how to use them.”

If you are interested in signing up for this popular course, contact Officer Jeff Brown @ 763-421-2971 (ext 212), or email [email protected] Sign up is on a first come first serve basis.