Positive employment trends seen in Rockford

According to statistics from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, the City of Rockford has experienced positive growth in the number of business establishments, number of jobs and annual wages over the past three years.

RockTrendsGraphThe city’s 92 businesses now employ 199 more people than they did in 2008 and pay $832,986 more in annual wages. While the number of public employers has remained constant (3) over the past five years, the number of public employees has decreased by 39 and public wages have decreased by nearly a half million dollars. Private employment, during the same period, increased by 239 employees and $1.3 million in wages, while the number of establishments remained stable.

The following table illustrates the five-year trends in the number of establishments, employment and wages for all employers as well as the itemization of public versus private.