Corcoran terminates Hamel Fire contract

statue1Citing five specific breaches, the city of Corcoran terminated the contract for fire protection with the Hamel Fire and Rescue Department.

The action was voted on by the Corcoran City Council. City attorney Jeff Carson was then directed to send a letter to the Hamel department citing the notice of termination.

In the letter, Carson cited five breaches by the Hamel department:

“1. Level of Service: Under this provision Hamel FD is to provide quarterly reports on calls, complaints, the budget and expenditures. This information was not received on a quarterly basis in calendar year 2012.

“2. Budget Process: The annual budget is to be provided by the Hamel FD to both contracting cities by Aug. 15. In 2012, the budget information was not delivered until Sept. 6. More importantly, a Joint Advisory Committee is to receive the upcoming yearly budget by Aug. 1 of the year. There was no committee established in 2012 and, therefore, no review of the budget by said committee.

“3. Contract Payments: Hamel FD is required to provide Corcoran detailed information relating to the budget at least on a quarterly basis. In 2012 the invoice from Hamel FD was not received until May 18. This created a cash flow problem for the city requiring Corcoran to make two payments in the same quarter.

“4. Section 18 Fire Services Joint Advisory Committee: There was no such committee created as required in 2012 and therefore none of the positive operational features that such a committee would oversee could be accomplished.

“5. Other Miscellaneous Concerns: Hamel FD did not move forward in a timely manner with the ESCI report of December 2011. Although not a technical breach of the contract, the city of Corcoran feels this is significant.”

Carson noted there were other operational deficiencies noted, such as pumps and equipment not working, personnel deployment, and leadership and management deficiencies not up to Corcoran’s expectations.

“Based on all the above, it is the intent of the Corcoran City Council to terminate the contract with the Hamel Fire Department effective May 19, 2013,” Carson concluded.

The city said Hamel already has mutual aid agreements to cover its Corcoran fire service area.