Dayton Police Chief placed on administrative leave

(Edited Feb. 18 to add statement from Mayor Tim McNeil. Located at end of article.)

Dayton Police Chief Richard Pietrzak has been put on paid administrative leave for an indefinite period of time.  The leave began Jan. 1. Pietrzak’s pay and benefits currently remain intact. Officer Paul Enga is serving as Acting Chief.

Administrative leave can be implemented for various reasons from an allegation of misconduct to allow time to investigate the situation; to protect sensitive information or in the case of police officers, after a shooting incident while an investigation is conducted without fault on the part of the officer.

Administrative leave does not inherently imply that an employee will be disciplined or that any allegations made are credible.

City personnel declined to disclose the nature of Pietrzak’s administrative leave; however, Mayor Tim McNeil addressed the lack of communication regarding the leave with the public.

“The Chief’s leave was part of a standard procedure during an internal investigation taken under the previous admministration,” stated McNeil. “When I took office, my focus was on the future of the community and the challenges facing us with development and budget issues.”

He said communications has long been an issue with the City of Dayton.

“The fact that this was not communicated at the time it happened, and that error was not corrected immediately, shows that we have a long way to go to improve transparency at City Hall, myself included,” stated McNeil.

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  • Anonymous

    Mr. McNeil:

    Less than 60 days into your tenure as Mayor you are already apologizing for your lack of transparency. Then, when you finally do acknowledge the situation (which presumably became public based only on Ms. Mateuszczyk’s investigations), you fail to give up any information whatsoever concerning Chief Pietrzak’s status, or expectations regarding when information may become available. Learning of this through the Press is utterly ridiculous when improved communications were supposedly one of your top priorities.

    We are currently without a police chief, who is paid from our tax dollars. At minimum, some assurance that investigations are proceeding as quickly as possible would be prudent; or better, your estimation of when an outcome is expected.

    You got my vote for Mayor based in part on promises of transparency and improved communications, and at this point, you are already failing at both.

    Concerned Dayton Resident