LETTER: Who will Hoffman represent?

Am I missing something? The Constitution of The United States of America makes it perfectly clear that two of our basic rights include freedom of religion and freedom of association.  It appears to me that newly-elected Senator John Hoffman is disregarding these two aspects of the Constitution.  I believe the testimony that he gave (while he was an Anoka-Hennepin School Board member) on Oct. 22 asking for the removal of Anti-Bullying Task Force member Bryan Lundquist is telling.

His reasons or motives? Hoffman objects to Lindquist’s presence on the Task Force because of Bryan’s religious beliefs and association with the Parents Action League.  Go to www.parentsactionleague.org  to read Senator Hoffman’s complete testimony.

Just who will he be representing in the State Senate as he begins his first term? Will he uphold all of our rights, or only a few of his choosing? Will he represent me, you, or only those who think like he does?

Marshall Posey


  • Stephen Berg

    Another letter from a supporter of the Parent’s Action League, a organization deemed a hate group by the Southern Povertly Law Center.

    Also, gross misunderstandings of the Constitution and the freedom of speech the freedom of religion. Mr. Posey seems to believe that no matter what one believes, one should have an equal voice, as if all opinions and beliefs are equal. One can say whatever one wants, or associate with whatever religion one wants. However, there are consequences to your language and beliefs. It does not automatically allow one the right to serve on a committee or board. Especially when those opinions and associations cause great conflicts of interest.

    Mr. Hoffman’s testimony, far from the smoking gun Mr. Posey tries to portray it as, was reasoned, concise, and right on target. Mr. Lindquist has expressed views that run counter to the current anti-bullying policies and are not a fit on a board that is trying to end bullying, and one source of bullying that seemed to bring about tragic consequences in the Anoka-Hennepin School District was bullying agains those that were gay and were percieved to be gay. Tolerance of gay students is essential as part of the entire anti-bullying policy. Mr. Lindquist is not a good fit.

    That is not to say that Mr. Lindquist not sincere in his particular faith, nor that he does not see himself as a man of faith. However, faith and religion are things that need to be seperate from public education. You have Christian kids, Agnostic kids, Muslim kids, Hindu kids, Atheist kids, and all kinds of faiths and backgrounds represented by those in the District. Freedom of religion seems to be, according to Mr. Posey, to impose one’s own religion faith system on everyone. Freedom of religion allows one to practice their own faith. The Constitution, however, does gaurantee freedom FROM religion as we