LETTER: Who will Hoffman represent?

Am I missing something? The Constitution of The United States of America makes it perfectly clear that two of our basic rights include freedom of religion and freedom of association.  It appears to me that newly-elected Senator John Hoffman is disregarding these two aspects of the Constitution.  I believe the testimony that he gave (while he was an Anoka-Hennepin School Board member) on Oct. 22 asking for the removal of Anti-Bullying Task Force member Bryan Lundquist is telling.

His reasons or motives? Hoffman objects to Lindquist’s presence on the Task Force because of Bryan’s religious beliefs and association with the Parents Action League.  Go to www.parentsactionleague.org  to read Senator Hoffman’s complete testimony.

Just who will he be representing in the State Senate as he begins his first term? Will he uphold all of our rights, or only a few of his choosing? Will he represent me, you, or only those who think like he does?

Marshall Posey