Rogers Police

RogPoliceBadgeEditor’s Note: The following includes some but not nearly all of the calls taken by Rogers Police from Jan. 21 through Jan. 28.


Monday, Jan. 21

Dispatched to 13600 Commerce Blvd. on a report that the road buckled and water was gushing onto the street. Officer located water gushing from a water main. Officer paged Public Works and they were aware of the situation, and a crew was dispatched to fix the problem.

Ela Kalashinikava, 20, was cited for expired driver’s license.

Tuesday, Jan. 22

Officers dispatched for two suspicious subjects at Denny’s. Reporting party stated they were acting strange. Subjects stated they were tired and admitted to smoking marijuana earlier in the day. Officer transported subjects to their residence.

Code Enforcement received a tip that the residence at 12300 block of Breanna Court had vehicles on the property used in a commercial business violating ordinance. Officer observed two tow trucks and unlicensed motor vehicle on the property. Squad video was obtained of the residence. Subsequent checks revealed repeated similar complaints, homeowner cited for ordinance violation.

Christian Nathaneal Schurke, 33, was cited for expired registration at Commerce Boulevard and South Diamond Lake Road.

Dispatch advised Officers that a recent theft suspect was in Target, according to Loss Prevention. Loss Prevention updated Officers en route that the suspect exited Target without paying for the items. Officers subsequently located the suspect and after further investigation, Zachariah Michael Holland, 29, was arrested for theft. The driver, Melissa Mae Block, 38, was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Wednesday, Jan. 23

Officer met with a resident at the Rogers PD for an identity theft report. The subject reported that someone had used his social security number. A report was taken and the subject was provided with crime victim and resource information regarding identity theft.

Thursday, Jan. 24

Sharmake Aden, 23, was stopped for several violations. Driver did not have a valid driver’s license. Vehicle was impounded. Driver cited and released at scene for no Minnesota driver’s license and no front license plate. The vehicle was impounded due to no valid driver capable of driving.

Natasha Lillian Tischner-Wilson, 21, was cited for No MV Insurance, Possession Drug Paraphernalia at South Diamond Lake and Rogers Drive.

Officer observed black vehicle with lone white male driver at 19180 Linden Drive. Officer ran plate which showed “revoked” drivers license status, a misdemeanor warrant and expired registration on his vehicle. Officer turned around and party took off by backing up in his vehicle and getting out of sight. It was later identified that the party had parked his vehicle at his place of employment and is believed to have jumped in with a co-worker and then left the area. Party starts work at 0530-1600 M-F and an attempt will be made around these times in the future.

Padgett, Travis Paul Christ Padget, 25, and Chelsea Lorraine Moline, 23, were cited for theft at Target.

Friday, Jan. 25

Jason Scott Eckert, 26, was arrested on a warrant pickup at 23009 137th Ave.

Daniel Edward Selix, 32, was cited for driving after suspension and no motor vehicle insurance.

Melissa Lynn Jelinek, 22, was cited for expired registration at Brockton Lane and South Diamond Lake Road.

Officers dispatched to a gas drive-off at Holiday. Officers determined that the license plate used on the suspect vehicle was stolen in Rogers. Plate was entered as stolen.

Monday, Feb. 28

Victor Alejandro Cruz-medina, 45, was cited for no insurance and no Minnesota driver’s license at South Diamond Lake Road and Northdale Boulevard.