Champlin approves feasibility study for 2013 road repair project

The Champlin City Council accepted the feasibility study for the proposed 2013 bituminous reclaim and pave improvement project and has set a public hearing for Monday, Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. in council chambers.

The council ordered the feasibility study at their Nov. 13 meeting to determine the detail and scope of the project. The study encompasses the areas of: Oregon Avenue from the southerly cul-de-sac to 114th Avenue; Nevada Avenue from 112th Avenue to Maryland Avenue; Louisiana Avenue from Maryland Avenue to 114th Avenue; Kentucky Avenue from Maryland Avenue to 114th Avenue; 113th Avenue from Quebec Avenue to Maryland Avenue; 113th Circle, 112th Circle, 112th Avenue from Oregon Avenue to Maryland Avenue, 111th Avenue from Oregon Avenue to Maryland Avenue and Kentucky Court to be in need of bituminous rehabilitation.  The area has extensive bituminous cracking, growing pothole concerns, and drainage issues. If the project moves forward, property owners in the project area benefitting from the improvements should expect to be assessed for a portion of the project.

The feasibility study identified streets within the project with a variety of ratings between 17 and 47 on a scale of 100 of the Pavement Condition Index. There are two short street segments that were rated at 78 and 62. Index ratings less than 40 are considered to be in poor condition. Due to the condition of the roads a full depth reclamation is recommended. The project, which carries an estimated $1.874 million price tag, is proposed to include curb and gutter repairs, catch basin reconstruction, trunk and lateral storm sewer extensions, and street lighting. It also proposes to include city-wide curb and catch basin repairs.



Funding for the project is broken down as follows:

• $725,000 from the city’s capital improvement revolving fund

• $587,000 from assessments to benefiting properties

• $286,000 from the street light revenue fund

• $251,000 from the storm sewer revenue fund


The study proposes the city-wide improvements be funded as follows:

• $28,650 from storm sewer revenue fund

• $46,350 from public works maintenance budget


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