Albertville opts not to rename street

The Albertville City Council opted not to rename MacKenzie Avenue NE south of 60th Street to MacIver Avenue.

The council also took action to fill a vacant planning commission seat.



City administrator Adam Nafstad noted that property owners have asked the city to consider renaming the stretch of MacKenzie Avenue south of County Rd. 37 and north of Interstate 94 as MacIver Avenue in order to improve the continuity of addressing along the road.

“If the council agrees … the timing may be appropriate, before future land development along MacKenzie Avenue causes additional properties to take on a MacKenzie address only to have to change it later should street renaming proceed,” Nafstad said in a memo to the council.

He said only one MacKenzie address would currently have to be changed in connection with the renaming process.

“The decision to rename any street is a policy decision by the council,” Nafstad said.

At the meeting it was clarified that one business on MacKenzie is not in favor of renaming due to hardships that would take place. Mayor Jillian Hendrickson and councilors Rob Olson, John Vetsch, Larry Sorensen and Dan Wagner agreed they would not make the change at this time.




In other news, the council discussed how to fill councilor Olson’s remaining two-year term on the planning commission.

Olson was appointed to fill the two years left in Mayor Hendrickson’s council seat after she was elected mayor, and thus his planning term was also left vacated. The full commission includes five members.

Staff said the council selection process may follow either of the following:

• The council compiles a list of persons that they would consider for the position. City staff would contact those parties to determine their interest in the position. The council would select a replacement commissioner to fill the available position.

• The council can direct staff to advertise the position and solicit volunteers citywide to fill the position. This process will involve advertising, interviewing interested candidates, and selection of a member by the council.

Staff said option one may provide for a quicker appointment and fewer costs in advertising and staff time, whereby option two would be open to a broader range of potential candidates.

The council ultimately directed staff to move forward with publishing the vacancy and to seek letters of interest.


In other action, the council:

SET a public hearing to consider the Fraser Steel business subsidy for Tuesday, Feb. 19, at 7 p.m. Plans for the site and building improvements will be going to the planning commission Feb. 12. A business subsidy is being presented along with the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) development contract.