2013 road project plans underway in Champlin

Champlin enters 2013 with numerous road repair and construction project plans underway.

Champlin is evaluating a 2013 street reconstruction (reclaim) project consisting of the local streets of: Kentucky Avenue, Louisiana Avenue, Nevada Avenue, Oregon Avenue, 111th Avenue, 112th Avenue, 113th Avenue located south of 114th Avenue and north of 110th Avenue between Quebec Avenue and Jersey Avenue. The project would include cul-de-sac streets and stub streets in this area.

The evaluation includes street reconstruction by full depth reclamation, storm sewer improvements and curb and gutter repairs.

If the project is authorized, construction is anticipated to begin mid-summer 2013.

Planning is also underway in Champlin for 2013 street crack seal and seal coat projects.

Several local streets located in the central portion of the city between Highway 169 and Winnetka Avenue are identified in the project in the city’s 2013 capital improvement plan. Crack seal maintenance work is completed on streets prior to seal coating in most instances. Crack seal will also be completed on other streets within the city. These improvements help extend the life of the bituminous pavement, prevents moisture from entering into the bituminous pavements and aggregate base reducing pot holing and structural failure. It also prevents moisture from entering the pavement, provides additional oil (bituminous) to extend the life of the pavement and provides a new wearing surface for the pavement. Seal coating is done on an 8 to 10 year schedule in the city.

Champlin City Council  has also authorized a feasibility study for improvements to South Diamond Lake Road, Depue Drive and the subdivision of Mississippi View Estates. The feasibility study has been substantially completed with concept design developed for the relocation of South Diamond Lake Road and Depue Drive intersection.

Easements are required from the adjacent parcels along with an already initiated land swap to utilize city park land purchased utilizing federal funds via a land and water resources grant.

A neighborhood meeting will be held to introduce this project to affected residents. Following that meeting, the project will be further defined and presented to the city council. If the feasibility study is accepted by the council, plans and specifications will be prepared and a  public hearing would be set. If the project is ordered after the public hearing, the planning work would be completed by fall of 2013 with bidding opening in the winter. Following this timeline, construction could begin in the spring of 2014.

For more information on the city’s capital improvement projects and a full listing of them visit the city of Champlin website: www.ci.champlin.mn.us


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