Met Council supports Greenfield Comp Plan Update, increased density proposal

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, the Metropolitan Council unanimously approved the City of Greenfield’s Comprehensive Plan Update.

Major changes to the comprehensive plan included providing approximately 200 acres of a newly guided area for future sewered and watered single family homes, an overall change in density for the remaining unserved area of the city from the former 1 unit per 11 acres in the northern part of the city, and 1 unit per 6 acres in the southern part of the city, to 1 unit per 5 acres for the entire city. In addition the classification system as determined by the council was changed from “rural diversified” to “developing”.

The City of Greenfield, located in northwestern Hennepin County is outside of the regional infrastructure and current system plan of the Metropolitan Council. Greenfield proposed the changes primarily due to the economic challenges of providing basic and essential services to its residents.

“The goal was to provide enhanced opportunities to expand the city’s tax base and to further utilize city owned infrastructure by increasing capacity and use of our city owned municipal water and sewage treatment plant,” said former mayor Jerry Hertaus. Hertaus served as chair of the planning commission prior to becoming mayor. Hertaus further stated, “In addition, the changes will help provide the additional density and population needed to promote further development of the city’s guided business park. The last few years have been challenging with the overall economic recession and we are pleased that the Met Council concurs with our unique challenge that we face. With this approval, we now have the opportunity to grow the community as the overall economy rises from recession and the additional growth will hopefully provide increased enrollment for our local school district as well.”