LETTER: Asking Hoffman to be voice for all of Champlin


Champlin accepted a new member in the State Senate. To Mr. John Hoffman, congratulations and thank you for accepting this important role as our voice in St. Paul.

Prior to the election and after the election, I submitted questions via email and telephone to Mr. Hoffman on a variety of public issues without receiving replies:

• Do you support emphasizing the importance of fathers and mothers in school curriculums?

• Do you believe in supporting Judeo-Christian principles in social studies curriculums, which established this great nation?

• Do you support public financing for abortions?

• Do you support the Alternative Information Act?  (saves hundreds of babies lives each year)

• Do you support requiring Ultra Sounds for pregnant women?  (saves the lives of thousands of mothers in the US each year)

• Do you support over turning the Defense of Marriage Act and replacing it with gay marriage? (not associated with the Marriage Amendment)

If Mr. Hoffman is afraid to answer these questions, will Mr. Hoffman be a strong and fearless voice for all Champlin perspectives in the state senate?

Recently Mr. Hoffman publicly protested against a Christian man because of his character and life beliefs; Catholic faith, Catechism education, and his free association with a pro-traditional family organization. Freedom of religion, freedom of association and free will issues aside, will Mr. Hoffman represent this man?

So I wonder will Mr. Hoffman be a constituent representative, fighting the hard fight for all Champlin citizens or a political party platform representative, walking in lock step with his party leaders?

Brian Tommerdahl


  • Stephen Berg

    Does Mr. Tommerdahl understand that a representative cannot be all things to all people. That your elected officials are not always going to vote for everything you want, nor support every part of your agenda? Also, do you also notice how he starts his letters all nicey nice and then basically accuses Senator Hoffman of being anti-family, anti-Chistian, and afraid?

    Mr. Tommerdahl needs to understand that his side lost. And lost rather handily. It is time to move forward from this divisive, angry and in my opinion hate speech and try to work in areas that we can agree on. He also needs to realize, not everyone shares his faith and his beliefs, but that doesn’t make them evil people.

    What are we, 13 years old here? It’s time for the Tea Party and the right wing zealots to grow up. You lost in the last election. Badly. Why is that? Because the majority of voters put the Democrats in power and dumped the Republicans. And why did they do that? Because the Republicans are viewed as those that are standing in the way and are out of ideas and out of touch.

    Mr. Tommerdahl’s letters are always a source of constant amusement. They are, at times, hilarious.