Champlin sets 2013 fees

Champlin City Council approved typical lot fees and sewer and storm sewer trunk fees for 2013 as part of the consent agenda at the Jan. 8 council meeting.



Typical utility and street fees are utilized to establish assessment rates for public improvements on parcels adjacent to current public improvement projects or to determine charges for infrastructure in which a lot split has occurred. The fee is often the base assessment value for public improvement projects. The rates are reviewed annually based on assessable value (benefit to property) and utilizing the past year’s Consumer Price Index.

The council authorized increasing the water lateral rate, water service rate, storm sewer lateral rate and full depth reclamation rates by the 2012 Consumer Price Index of 3.2 percent. The remaining fees are proposed to remain the same.

Previous to this last construction year, the cost of infrastructure improvements was down and so was the market value of lots. This past year, significant increases in steel and copper increased some infrastructure costs while others have increased only slightly. Market values for lots appear to have bottomed out as there has been a slight increase in lot values.

The city’s typical utility and street fees remained at the 2011 rate for 2012; however, prior to 2011, the rates were adjusted up annually in accordance with the Consumer Price Index.



The council set the 2013 fees for the Northwest Area Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer Trunk Districts and

Storm Sewer District Area 10A and 10B.

The fees for the trunk storm sewer facilities in the Northwest Area Trunk Districts and Storm Sewer District 10A and 10B fees will increase by the 2012 Consumer Price Index of 3.2 percent.

The Northwest Area Sanitary Sewer Trunk District fees will remain the same.


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