Delano Teacher of the Year: Jim VanCura

Jim VanCura is Delano Public Schools “Teacher of the Year,” chosen for the distinction by his colleagues.
VanCura teaches Language Arts 11 and College in the Schools (CIS) Literature and Composition. He believes that education is power. If we want innovation, if we want productive members of society, if we want equality and justice, if we want freedoms, and if we want to appreciate the human spirit, a quality education in essential for all.


Chosen by his peers as Delano Public Schools, Jim Van Cura, a DHS language arts teacher, is named “Teacher of the Year.”
Chosen by his peers as Delano Public Schools, Jim Van Cura, a DHS language arts teacher, is named “Teacher of the Year.”

VanCura’s role as a teacher involves promoting academic curiosity, developing critical thinkers, and fostering human dignity. His role as an English teacher involves fostering comprehension and appreciation of literature, modeling effective means of communication, and empowering students with knowledge and opportunities. From an academic perspective, his students analyze and articulate cultural values within historical contexts. From a philosophical perspective, emphasizes the value of intrinsic rewards as well as the learning process in order for students to develop a genuine appreciation for their talents and efforts. He thoroughly enjoys when students demonstrate initiative, accept academic challenges, and know how to savor the journey.
IN addition to teaching, VanCura has served on a variety of committees including the Technology Committee, the Finance Committee, the Staff Development Committee, The Delano Youth Baseball/Softball Association and the Executive Council of the Delano Teachers’ Association. He has also coached junior high football, basketball and varsity softball.
VanCura graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 1992 and received his Master’s Degree from Hamline University in 2001. He began teaching in International Falls before coming to Delano where he resides with his wife Stacy and their five children. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, reading, participating in Tuff Mudders and spending time with family and friends.