STMA teachers named ‘Exceptional’


Erik Ditlevson and Kristina Kampa of St. Michael-Albertville Public Schools were recently recognized as TIES (Technology Information Education Services) Exceptional Teachers at the TIES 2012 Education Technology Conference at the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency.

TIES is the largest education technology trainer in the Midwest.

Ditlevson and Kampa were among 82 teachers from 43 districts.

The teachers were chosen by their superintendents for the TIES Exceptional Teacher award, which recognizes teachers who model the best practices in their classroom and engage students in learning.

Besides being recognized at the conference, each teacher is featured in the TIES Exceptional Teachers publication and received a certificate.

School districts participating in the TIES Exceptional Teacher award program are members of TIES, an education technology consortium of 47 Minnesota school districts.


Erik Ditlevson

St. Michael-Albertville Middle School East social studies teacher Erik Ditlevson is a strong advocate for technology integration. His personality and ability to relate to staff and students are strengths he uses to be an effective teacher leader who embraces technology. He is always willing to help others in their efforts to implement technology into the curriculum and works closely with other teachers in both of the district’s middle schools.

He provides training for staff on using new classroom technology, including Skype, SMART Boards, clickers and Google Apps. Principal Jennifer Kelly describes Ditlevson as being “an enthusiastic leader whose passion for teaching and learning has enabled him to empower the students and staff to use the tools of technology to improve instruction and student achievement. Students in Erik’s classroom are engaged, active learners whose enthusiasm for learning is contagious.”

Ditlevson’s teaching is an outstanding example of how the appropriate use of technology can positively impact student learning.


Kristina Kampa

Fieldstone Elementary School media specialist Kristina Kampa provides leadership in her building and models the use of technology for students and staff. She believes technology is an important part of the students’ education and an integral part of her daily routine.

She is an active member of the STMA District Technology Committee. In addition to the responsibilities related to the media center, she assists in the planning, ordering, setting up and organization of technology throughout the school.

In 2010, she partnered with a teacher and participated in a multidistrict cohort to help implement project-based learning in her building.

Principal Jeanette Aanerud describes Kampa as being “an important member of our staff whose leadership, support and staff development has improved teaching and learning within our school.”

Kampa’s willingness to be a technology resource, leader and lifelong learner makes her a tremendous asset to her school and the district.