Maple Grove, Osseo Post Offices remind residents to keep mailboxes clear

The U.S. Postal Service has played an integral role in the daily lives of American citizens for over 236 years.

Throughout history, the Postal Service has leveraged letter carriers’ unique daily presence in the community to keep a watchful eye on the elderly, disabled, and citizens in need. Their valuable presence has been repeatedly demonstrated, as alert carriers throughout the nation have helped thousands of these citizens receive assistance when in need; in many cases their actions have literally saved lives.

Genuine concern is a natural extension of the role letter carriers and the Postal Service play in America’s neighborhoods. Together the Postal Service and its carriers are committed to serving the people and communities in ways that go above and beyond simply delivering the mail.

At this time of year the Maple Grove and Osseo Post Offices ask the public to help them by assisting with the following items:

• Keep steps and walkways clear of icy areas.

• Keep pathways to and from the mailbox free and clear from obstruction.

• Shovel out mounted or rural delivery boxes of snow and ice.

• Use salt and sand on steps.

• Clear boxes to the curb line at least 5 feet on each side of the mailbox to allow the postal vehicles to access for delivery.

• Always: Keep dogs restrained and out of the path of the letter carrier.


Maple Grove and Osseo mail carriers want to give area residents the best service possible. The public’s assistance will allow the carrier to deliver mail safely and prevent serious accidents this winter.