Rockford Elementary sets Preschool/Kindergarten Festival

Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School (REAMS) staff invites parents of young children to check out the annual Preschool/Kindergarten Festival on Saturday, Jan. 5, from 9 to11 a.m.

Rockford Area Schools is proud to announce that all-day every-day kindergarten will be offered, tuition free, for the 2013-14 school year. This will be the fourth year the district offers this unique program that only a few area school districts have.

Emerson Rebischke studies the parts of a sunflower in a science lesson on “Sunflower Day.”
Emerson Rebischke studies the parts of a sunflower in a science lesson on “Sunflower Day.”

Held at REAMS, the Festival will feature the preschool and kindergarten programs, allow families to meet the staff, and provide time for incoming preschool and kindergarten children to explore through creative play and classroom activities. The class of 2026 will take their first class picture at 10 a.m. in the REAMS Commons.

Students attending the all-day kindergarten program at REAMS are provided more time to learn and reinforce basic skills and concepts, the advantage to participate in special programs like music, art and physical education, and better connections to develop young friendships with classmates.

Kindergarten teacher Deb Milow says of the program, “All day every day kindergarten has been an amazing addition to Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School. The program has been a gift to the students, families and staff here at REAMS. It has given our teachers the gift of time to differentiate the curriculum for all learners and to develop deeper relationships with the students and their families. All-day every-day kindergarten has been a win-win-win for our students, our school and our community.”

Kindergarteners Chase Anderson and Emerson Rebischke also chimed in telling Principal Brenda Petersmeyer “We love kindergarten. We get to do cool stuff like paint and learn new letters and new words. In math, we get to add and take away numbers. It is so much fun.”

Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School offers an arts-infused curriculum for students in grades K-5. This curriculum helps children actively learn subject areas using movement, drama, music, visual arts, literary arts and media arts. The elementary school also offers a balanced literacy program where students focus on four different reading experiences including reading aloud, shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading. Students also participate in shared and individual writing activities.

In addition, Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School offers other opportunities for children including the Kindness Project, Arts and Academics Showcase, Art Extension, student leadership opportunities, and Spotlight concerts at each grade level.

For more information on the kindergarten program or any of the programs offered at REAMS, please contact the office at 763-477-5837, or check out the website at