Osseo Police offer tips to keep a home safe during vacations

The Osseo Police Department offers tips for homeowners to consider while they are away from home on trips or for any holiday.

The department reminds residents that valuable items, like TVs, stereos and computers, should be inscribed with a unique identifying number. Do not use a social security number.

Homeowners should also create an up-to-date home inventory list of items including makes, models, serial number and other details. Photos should also be taken.

Invest in two light timers to turn the lights and TV on and off in the home for extended vacations. This gives the appearance that someone is home.

Activate a motion detector or alarm system when leaving the house.

Stop mail and newspaper deliveries or make arrangements with a neighbor or friend to pick them up.

Ask a trusted neighbor to tend to your yard, shovel any snows and watch the house when away. Otherwise, have a trusted friend or relative house sit.

All doors and windows should be checked to see if they are locked when leaving for vacation.

People may also request an extra patrol of their residence while out of town. The police department will log the patrols and will contact the homeowner if there is any problem while they are away from home.

For more information, contact the Osseo Police Department at 763-424-5444.