Rogers Police

The following represents some but not nearly all of the incidents reported by Rogers Police from Monday, Dec. 10 to Monday, Dec. 17.

Monday, Dec. 10

Responded to Travel America to check the welfare of a male in the restroom. Caller stated male was talking to walls and himself. Male party fought with officers and suffered an injury to his head when officers and suspect fell out the back of the medic rig. Subject will be charged with GM Obstruction of Legal Process. Male was placed on a police hold, transported to Maple Grove.

Tow truck driver was going to pull out a tractor trailer at Rogers Drive when the tow driver’s finger got pinched between the axle lift and the bumper. North Memorial Ambulance responded. No transport made.

Dayton Police responded to a party who overdosed on heroin at Dayton Raod/Lawndale Lane. Rogers Officers responded to assist. Subject was passenger in a silver car at that location. Driver was located doing CPR on the subject. Subject was confirmed conscious and breathing by Dayton PD. North responded and transported to Mercy.

Dana Annette Jennie, 40, was arrested for shoplifting, cited and released on scene at 20200 block of Rogers Dr.

Rogers Officers responded to a drunk male at Wells Fargo Bank. Dispatch advised the suspect got into his vehicle and drove out of the parking lot towards Dairy Queen. The suspect, Brian Roy Tovsen, 50, was located and arrested for DWI.

Tuesday, Dec. 11

Officers had handled two separate crashes involving vehicles unable to stop at northbound Main Street to eastbound South Diamond Lake Road. Roadway is pitched downhill in the turn lane and was completely ice packed. Numerous vehicles, semi’s included, were sliding right into eastbound South Diamond Lake Road lanes. Officers were nearly struck handling crashes and the section of roadway was a public safety concern. It was closed down for a period of approximately one hour while MN DOT/City of Rogers public works trucks were summoned for additional plowing/salting/sanding.

Joseph Mark Anderson, 21, was cited for failure to obey stop sign at Commerce Boulevard and South Diamond Lake Road.

Wednesday, Dec. 12

Reporting party said that someone tried to enter his apartment at 13600 Commerce Blvd. at 3:26 a.m. Reporting party said his wife was sleeping on the couch when someone rattled the doorknob and pounded on the door. Reporting party said he quickly ran outside but did not see anybody in the area. Reporting party said that his neighbor was also looking out his door and said that there were no pry marks on the door.

Received a phone call about a truant student who was at home. Student’s mother asked that police pick up the student and bring him to school. Mother gave police and apartment caretaker permission to enter the apartment if the student did not answer the door. Officers knocked on the door and the student did not answer. Officers heard student inside of the apartment. The caretaker let officers into the apartment and the student acted as though he just woke up. The student was transported to school.

Narcotics complaint at 20900 block of 135th Avenue. Strong smell marijuana in room 211. Parties had a young pitbull dog that tore up carpet and fecies on the carpet from dog. Parties left room per management.

Randy Jerrold Sabyan, 22, was cited for inattentive driving after a rear-end crash at 141st Avenue and Main Street.

Received information that a student was harassing a staff member. The student was calling the staff member names after being told several times to stop. The student was advised of the harassment statute. The student was told that future incidents would result in a citation.

No-pay gasoline, $56.02 at 13028 Main St. Stolen license plate. Male wearing jeans, blue sweatshirt, tennis shoes.

Thursday, Dec. 13

Officers were dispatched to Rogers Elementary School for a missing student. The student was located at his residence and was reported to have walked home. Student was last seen at 2 p.m. when he and the rest of the class walked from their room to get a snack. When they got back to the classroom the student was missing. His boots, coat and hat were still in his locker. Staff had searched the entire school and exterior, and went into a lock-down, and alerted the police department. Student was upset — walked home and was located there by his nanny.

Officer observed a vehicle in front of him and the registered owner was showing an expired driver’s license. Kathy Yemelin Najarro, 25, was cited for expired driver’s license and no proof of insurance.

Alexander Stewart Pope, 19, was cited for failure to yield and expired driver’s license after almost causing a crash at Main Street and South Diamond Lake Road.

Mark Robert Thompson, 25, was cited for suspended driving status at Rogers Drive and South Diamond Lake Road.

Friday, Dec. 14

Tamara Lynn Ackerman, 41, was cited for expired registration at Commerce Boulevard and South Diamond Lake Road.

Walgreen’s employee advised suspicious white male who came in and purchased $1,140 in Paypal money. Male stated he was wanted and was going to get out of the country. Male is approximately 40ish, brown hair, wearing blue jeans and brown sweater. Male left in a black 90’s older Dodge extended cab truck with black topper to unknown direction. No plate given.

Assisted Dayton PD officer, and Hennepin County Deputy on reported assault at Main Street/Crestwood Drive in city of Dayton. Searched residence for suspect, but was unable to locate him. Suspect threw bottle through driver’s side window causing it to shatter. Victims sustained injuries from broken glass. North Ambulance responded to location.

Saturday, Dec. 15

Responded to possible heart attack. Arrived with North Memorial Ambulance. Patient given oxygen by police. Patient was transported to ambulance to Maple Grove Hospital.

Jimmy Oliver Lara, 20, was cited for running stoplight at northbound Main Street and 141st Avenue.

Sunday, Dec. 16

Aaron Jason Staeden, 18, was cited for expired tabs at County Rd. 81 and Ironwood.

Levi Timothy Riese, 18, was cited for expired tabs at I-94 and Main Street.