LETTER: Disagrees with petition for Lindquist’s removal

To the Editor:

I am disturbed to see front-page news concerning a petition to remove an appointed member to a group whose chairman (Heidemann) states “We look for a broad, cross-section of people for this task force.” Just because one’s opinion (Lindquist) differs from that of another, is not grounds for removal.

The issue of the task force is not to resolve sexual orientation or acceptance of the same. It’s about bullying and eliminating it in order to create an environment that cultivates the future talent of our world. School, while in some respects is social, is not a political platform to promote one’s sexual orientation.

In reading the article I suggest those opposed to Lindquist’s are initiating a form of bullying and their inclusion in the task force should be questioned.

It’s time to re-focus school on it’s true purpose (the 3 R’s) and incorporate an “A-Sexual” environment. Sexual orientation and discussion of the same, is not something to be discussed in school, but rather the home and at the parents discretion, not the schools.

Kurt Cavalier