Officers recover more than $10,000 in stolen property, mostly tools

Fridley PD returning items to owners in Maple Grove


A 32-year-old Columbia Heights man has been arrested and recently received felony-level charges relating to stolen property, said an announcement from the Fridley Police Department.

The criminal complaint alleges that Joshua Olaf Haugen did receive, possess, transfer, buy or conceal stolen property obtained by robbery, knowing or having reason to know the property was stolen, and the value of the property stolen is more than $1,000 and less than $5,000.

The following account was reported by the Fridley Police Department.

An investigation by the Fridley Police Departments pawn Det. Jason Cardinal and Det. Travis Volk was initiated after Haugen was arrested for tampering with a vehicle in Fridley in November.

During the investigation, they located an extensive pawn history for Haugen. Detectives were able to match items Haugen recently pawned to items reported stolen from vehicles in Fridley in at least four other recent theft reports.

A search of Haugen’s vehicle turned up more stolen property, valued at more than $1,000, and a search of his garage turned up yet more stolen property. After his arrest, Haugen told officers the tools found in the vehicle belonged to a business and that the items were stolen.

Fridley police officers are now in the process of returning stolen property to rightful owners. At this time, detectives believe some of the property was from Columbia Heights, Coon Rapids, Eden Prairie, Maple Grove and White Bear Lake.

The total estimated worth of recovered property as of Dec. 7 is in excess of $10,000. Most of the stolen items were high-end, commercial-grade construction tools, such as power tools, hand tools and copper wire.

The case remains under investigation by the Fridley Police Department.

Info: or 763-572-3629.