LETTER: Encouraged by Maple Grove’s ‘Fit for Wellness’ Program

To the Editor:

In our world today it’s all about staying busy. The busyness may consist of working 8 to 12 hour shifts, running errands, or chauffeuring the kids off to their activities. Unfortunately, one important aspect our busy schedules tend to exclude is exercise.

The city of Maple Groves Wellness Committee is attempting to overcome this tendency by developing an exercise program called, “Fit for Wellness.”

This program has been incorporated in a few businesses in attempting to benefit their current employees. The program consists of informative information on carrying out a healthy lifestyle, as well as various exercise programs.

I found this program to be encouraging, as well as important. Many employees, especially employees that are parents find it hard to find the time, as well as the energy to exercise once they are done working their 8 to 12 hour shifts. By having businesses include an exercise program within their company gives employees the opportunity to exercise sometime throughout their work shift.

I urge the City of Maple Grove on continuing to improve their “Fit for Wellness” program. Hopefully by this, more businesses, big or small, will be able to include a fitness program in bettering their employees’ health.

Kaia Carlson

Maple Grove