Corcoran hears of residential housing interest

The Corcoran City Council heard a request from a developer for a residential housing feasibility report.

The council also discussed the public works building project, and approved a county-funded sports equipment grant.



Staff indicated that Lennar Builders has inquired about a feasibility report for residential development in the southeast corner of the city.

This is the same area that was targeted to be the city’s first municipal serviced housing development six years ago prior to the economic slowdown.

Lennar Land Acquisition Manager Steve Ach submitted the request to Corcoran City Planner Kendra Lindahl.

“The feasibility report should consider trunk infrastructure improvements to serve the general area,” Ach wrote. “In addition, the report will need to analyze anticipated costs and options for financing the required improvements.”

Ach concluded the company looks forward to working with the city on the report “and discussing conceptual plans of Lennar’s development interest in the community.”

City administrator Dan Donahue told Mayor Ken Guenthner and councilors Rich Asleson, Tom Cossette, George Gmach and Roz Milbrandt that staff has been working on coming up with the cost for a feasibility study. He said costs would be above $10,000, meaning the company would provide a $20,000 escrow.

The item was for discussion purpose only, and the council agreed that Lennar could submit the $20,000 escrow to commence the feasibility study.



In other action, the council spent considerable time discussing the next steps for construction of the new public works facility.

Land for the facility was secured at County Rds. 19 and 10.

Administrator Donahue presented a verbal report and asked the council to weigh in on the need to provide sprinkling service to the building. Also, Bruce Ternes of Ebert Construction, the construction management firm, presented a verbal report to the council.

The council discussed planning for the building and directed staff to continue the process. Donahue said one of the items staff is also working on is creating an overall budget for the project.

The project is still in the design phases with staff, construction manager and the architect.



In further matters, the council heard about an agreement between Hennepin County and the city for a sports equipment grant.

“The agreement is the standard form the city needs to authorize before we can act on spending the grant,” administrator Donahue wrote in his memo, also recommending the mayor sign the agreement.

The Hennepin County Board awarded Corcoran a $10,000 Hennepin Youth Sports Equipment Grant toward the purchase of a ball field turf mower totaling $16,267.

“I propose that $6,267, which is the city’s portion of the purchase, be taken from the 2012 operating general fund budget,” Donahue said. He noted that a fund in the public works budget has about that amount in a net positive balance, and that very little of that fund would be spent during the remainder of this year.

The council unanimously approved the agreement, and approved purchase of a field mower.

In other action, the council:

HEARD about openings on the Charter Commission, Parks and Trails Commission and Planning Commission. Terms belonging to parks commissioners Chad Robran, Kevin Dale and Tom Anderson expire Dec. 31. Terms belonging to Pat Hank, Dean Jacobs, alternate Bob Laddusaw and alternate Dorothy Theis expire Dec. 31. Contact city hall for interest in any of these commissions.