Healthy snacks for classroom celebrations now made easy

One of the biggest questions facing busy families is what snack to send to school with their students for a classroom celebration.

For many years, Anoka-Hennepin’s school cafeterias have had an informal process of families purchasing healthy snacks from the cafeterias for celebrations. This summer, thanks in part to a grant from the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP), the process has formalized.

An order form now allows families to place orders from the Anoka-Hennepin School District’s Child Nutrition Program for fun and healthy snacks for classroom celebrations. The snacks are prepared at the student’s school and delivered to the classroom.

Order forms, available at the school’s main offices, are due two weeks prior to the classroom celebration date. A minimum order of 12 is required. Completed forms can be given to the school’s Child Nutrition supervisor or dropped off at the school office. Payment is also due at that time. Families can write checks for payment or have the amount deducted from their child’s lunch account.

Snacks available for purchase include:

• Seasonal fresh fruit pieces and yogurt dip, $1 each.

• Seasonal fresh veggies and dip, $1 each.

• Graham dunkers and fruity yogurt, $1 each.

• Cheesy party popcorn, 75 cents each.

• “Ants on a log,” 75 cents each.

• 10 ounce bottled water, 75 cents each.

• 8 ounce skim or chocolate milk, 50 cents each.

• 4 ounce apple or orange juice, 50 cents each.