Hanover proposes 2013 tax freeze; 5th year taxes have not increased

On Tuesday, Dec. 4, at 7 p.m., the Hanover City Council will conduct the 2013 Truth in Taxation hearing to review the proposed 2013 budget and proposed 2013 tax levy.

At the meeting the City will review the proposed tax levy, 2013 budget. Also residents will have the opportunity to comment on the budget and levy.

The City is proposing a 2013 levy of $1,268,280, which is the same as 2012.

It is also significant that the levy has stayed essentially the same the past five years. The City Council has been able to keep the stable levy by limiting expenditures, reducing staff slightly, and through refinancing bonds to reduce interest costs.

Building permit activity picked up modestly in 2012. The city will issue at least 11 permits for new homes in 2012, which is up from three total new houses constructed in 2011. This is similar to what other cities in the area are seeing, which may be an indication that the worst of the housing slump is past. The city’s current population is estimated to be approximately 2,950, representing a slight increase. The City currently has five employees.

On the expenditure side for 2013, the City will institute a single-sort recycling program throughout the City. Every resident will get a 65-gallon (or larger if preferred) and all recyclables can be co-mingled. This will be a slight (approximately $8,000 in 2013) increase in expenses. The city has not charged a recycling fee and does not plan to charge any fee for the new program.

The Economic Development Authority, which promotes business development and retention in the city, is also proposing a smaller levy for 2012. The EDA levy is proposed at $44,927, a decrease of 3.14%. If residents have questions about the budget or tax levy, call interim City Administrator Bob Derus at (763) 497-3777 (ext 1.)