Hanover approves single-sort recycling

Joining a tide of municipalities who have done so, the Hanover City Council approved a proposal to offer single-sort recycling to its residents.

The council also approved hiring an intern to help out with office duties.



Interim city administrator Bob Derus explained that the city wants to implement single-sort recycling when the current recycling contract with Randy’s expires.

“The recycling contract ends Dec. 31,” Derus later said. “We’re hopeful it will be available soon after the end of the year, but we’re still nailing down the particulars.”

Under single-sort, every resident will get a 65-gallon (or larger if preferred) and all recyclables could be co-mingled.

Derus said it would be a slight (approximately $8,000 in 2013) increase in expenses. The city has not charged a recycling fee and does not plan to charge any fee for the new program, he noted.

“The cart with the cover on it is so convenient,” Derus said. “Cities have seen a 25 percent to 30 percent increase in recycling, it’s a lot easier.”

The council authorized going forward with single-sort. The city is working with its attorney on securing a 10-year contract with Randy’s, with an opt-out clause.



In other news, the council heard a staff request for hiring an intern to help out with city office duties.

Administrator Derus suggested hiring an intern to help clear clerical work off his schedule, and to get some filing and organizational duties done.

“This will save us money and make us more efficient in the long-run,” Derus said in his memo.

Staff hours would be increased by approximately 30 hours per week.

Derus also said the hire would help backup the front counter, rather than himself and new accounting/deputy clerk Annita Smythe.

He estimated the hire would save the city $315 per week. The council authorized staff to advertise for the position, at $12 per hour.

In other action, the council:

APPROVED the Veolia budget and contract for wastewater and water services.