Albertville tax hearing set for Dec. 3

The citizens of Albertville are invited to attend the City’s truth-in-taxation public hearing Monday, Dec. 3, at 6:15 p.m. at City Hall to discuss the final city tax levy.

The City proposes a $3,205,106 levy for taxes payable 2013. Albertville’s 2012 debt service budget has increased from 2011 by $68,822 and the general fund budget has decreased by $5,656 for a net levy increase of $62,834 or 2.0% to fund essential services.

The City of Albertville has decreased its general fund operating budget the past five years. For 2013, the general fund budget has decreased $5,656. Many line item expenses such as electricity, fuel and supplies increase annually as market conditions change.

“The City Council continues to work to maintain the quality of service that residents expect while holding cost increases to a minimum,” said finance director Tina Lannes. “Examples of this year’s efforts include the contracting for building inspection services and selling expanding Albertville Fire Support Services.  Such cooperative ventures work to the advantage of the Cities.”

Lannes said the Elimination of the Homestead Market Value Credit by the State would have an impact on property taxes. With the exclusion of the Homestead Market Value Credit, taxes will increase on most properties and is independent of any action taken by local governments.

Wright County Assessors report that both commercial and residential property tax vary widely, as property values have changed significantly, neighborhood by neighborhood, throughout the County, and the elimination of the Homestead Market Value credit by the State.

Lannes noted that this public hearing is not about the value of a property. That Equalization Hearing is hosted each spring and everyone will receive notice of that hearing.

The League of Minnesota Cities noted that all units of government are experiencing declining revenues, while striving to maintain the level of service expected by residents.

“Many cities have utilized reserves to cushion their property tax rates and Albertville is no different and has spent down reserve funds the past six years,” Lannes said.

The city advises residents that their proposed 2013 property tax statement is made up of the following three components — county tax, city tax and school tax.

All three jurisdictions host public hearings and encourage residents to attend. Contact Lannes at 763-497-3384 with questions in advance of the hearing.