Voters come in large numbers to the polls

Osseo sees record voter turnout

The voters have spoken, and in large numbers across the cities of Maple Grove and Osseo.

A tight Presidential race in the 2012 General Election may have been the reason area polling locations saw record voter turnouts. As a nation, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were re-elected in the 2012 Election with 303 electoral votes versus Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan’s 206 Electoral College votes. Obama also earned the lead in the popular vote with 59,621,436 compared to Romney’s 56,989,709. As a state, Obama earned more than 1.54 million votes or 52.65 percent of the vote versus Romney’s 1.32 million votes or 44.96 percent of the vote.

Locally, here’s how the votes for these races fared: The city of Osseo voted for President Obama to return for a second term, with a total of 763 votes, and Romney received 647 votes. In Maple Grove, Romney received the most votes from the 23 precincts with a total of 20,599 votes to Obama’s 17,535 votes. Three precincts in Maple Grove did have President Obama receiving more votes — precincts 12, 13 and 17.

The following are the results from the Nov. 6 General Election. Some results are unofficial, while some have been canvassed and are official.


Voter turnout

The city of Osseo a record voter turnout. According to Deputy Clerk LeAnn Larson, the city’s turnout was 98 percent. In 2008, the voter turnout was 96 percent.

Osseo saw 245 new voters register on Election Day.

Larson added that although the turnout was a record, the city has had other presidential election years where there were higher new registrations — in 2008 there were 316 new registrations.

Maple Grove also had a strong voter turn out, with a total of 87 percent of voters casting ballots. Across the 23 precincts, a total of 5,651 people registered in-person to vote on Election Day.

The city had 34,974 people vote in person on Nov. 6, as well as 3,993 absentee voters cast ballots.

According to the Center for the Study of the American Electorate, voter turnout nationwide was lower than in the past two presidential elections with 57.5 percent turnout. Minnesota nabbed the title for highest voter turnout in the nation for the eighth year in a row. With 76 percent voter turnout the state was down slightly from the 2008 Presidential election in which 77.8 percent of eligible voters cast ballots. While turnout percentage is down, a record number of voters cast ballots this year with more than 2.93 million voters showed up to the polls (with 99.93 percent of precincts reporting). By comparison 2,921,147 voters cast ballots in the 2008 presidential election. The number of estimated eligible voters has increased by 135,238 voters since 2008, which affects the percentages.

“The voter turnout number will increase as the final precincts report their results,” said Secretary of State Ritchie.

Many speculate the two state constitutional amendments on the ballot in Minnesota may have been the reason area polling locations saw continued high turnout this year.


Maple Grove/Osseo Results

Maple Grove voters re-elected incumbents Erik Johnson and Leann Sargent to the Maple Grove City Council. Johnson received 13,379 votes (28.55 percent) and Sargent received 9,511votes (20.30 percent).

Challengers Dan Vogtman received 8,375 votes (17.87 percent), Sherri Johnson received 7,870 votes (16.80 percent), David Brown received 2,806 votes (5.99 percent), Jay Dirks received 2,734 votes (5.84 percent) and Mark Aubart Sr. received 1,936 votes (4.13 percent).

Osseo voters chose Duane Poppe as the city’s next mayor. Poppe (current councilor) defeated current Mayor Al Lindquist. Poppe received 770 votes (57.38 percent) and Lindquist received 567 votes (42.25 percent).

There were also two council seats up for grabs. Current councilor Mark Schulz will keep his seat. He received 676 votes (31.07 percent). Also joining the City Council will be Bonnie Heinen, who received 507 votes (23.30 percent).

Other candidates on the ballot and their totals include: Daniel Spanier received 492 votes (22.61 percent), John Goth with 285 votes (13.10 percent) and Claudia Gisvold received 207 votes (9.51 percent).


School Board/Levy Results

The results from the Osseo Area School Board race can be found in a separate story inside this paper.

Readers can also find in that a story, a more in depth look at what the failure of both levies means for area residents.


Legislative Results

The following are other area race results.

• MN House District 34A — Incumbent Joyce Peppin will continue serving as the representative. She received 14,386 votes, or 64.24 percent. Her challenger, Adam Fisher, received 7,983 votes, or 35.65 percent.

• MN House District 34B — Incumbent Kurt Zellers will continue serving in his position. Zellers received 12,802 votes (54.52 percent) and challenger David Hoden with 10,652 votes (45.36 percent).

• MN Senate District 34 — Incumbent Warren Limmer will be keeping his seat. Limmer had 25,847 votes (57.04 percent) over challenger Sharon Bahensky, who had 19,406 votes (42.83).

• Hennepin County Board District 1 Commissioner — Incumbent Mike Opat won the seat over Chris Rains. Opat has received 35,082 votes (55.03 percent) and Rains has received 28,148 votes (44.15 percent). Opat has been County Commissioner since 1992.

• Hennepin County Board District 7 Commissioner — Incumbent Jeff Johnson will continue serving. He received 62,864 votes, which is 98.75 percent of the vote. He ran unopposed.

• Three Rivers Park District Board, District 2 — Jennifer DeJournett was elected to District 2 with 31,851 votes (52.36 percent). Rick Thiesen had 28,550 votes, or 46.94 percent, according to the results.

• Constitutional Marriage Amendment — There were 1,510,368 votes cast against and 1,399,676 for in Minnesota. This amendment failed. In Maple Grove, the votes were 21,073 no and 17,406 yes. In Osseo, for the amendment with 741 yes votes and 686 no votes.

• Constitutional Voter ID Amendment — There were 1,538,890 no votes and 1,361,854 yes votes across the state. The amendment failed. In Maple Grove, voters had a 52.21 percent “yes” vote with 20,345 in favor and 17,978 against. In Osseo, there were 721 yes votes and 707 no votes.